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As proud sponsors of the Yellowjackets, we want to see our schools be successful.

But now isn't the time to raise our taxes.

Let's keep the focus on quality education outcomes.

On August 8th, VOTE NO on the Millage Increase.

Know The Facts Before You Vote


The School Board is trying to tell us this tax increase will only cost taxpayers $20 million. In reality, with the interest we pay, these projects will end up costing us $60 million.

The tornado damage to the Wynne School District is 100% covered by insurance. In fact, the school district will not spend one penny on rebuilding our schools.


None of this proposed tax will be used to rebuild our schools. It will only be used for items we don't need, including sports facilities. In reality, Wynne taxpayers already provide the schools with their own dedicated fields at the Wynne Sports Complex.


If passed, no part of this tax increase will go toward educational improvements. Instead, this tax proposal suggests that sports should come before our children's educational success.



The school district put this election on the ballot in the middle of the summer so that we wouldn't pay attention. We have a responsibility to send the school board a message and vote NO on this tax increase. 

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